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  • Ms. Pqushia Epps is the founder and Director of Helping Hands Helping Others a non-profit organization (HHHO) registered in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Over five years as the director, Ms. Epps has average twenty five thousands in gross revenue every year conducting fundraisers for HHHO. Under her leadership, she has provided employment for five consistent workers, recruiting over 50 volunteers and overseeing several internships.

  • Within the context of HHHO mission, over two hundred and fifty children have been assisted. Ms. Pqushia has an unyielding passion for children, with a devotion of assisting them to gain a head start in life, or regain their stability from destabilizing family and social circumstance.

  • Through her dedication and hard work and new leadership from the board of directors, HHHO received a significant number of positive feedback about the Sip & See 6th Annual Charity Wine Tasting at Coze Event Space, gross over one thousand for 1st time. Ms. Epps motto is a saying by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Our true destiny is not to be ministered unto but to minister to ourselves and to our fellow men”.





Helping Hands Helping Others Mentees would like to thank Turner Construction Company and other individual sponsors for making their Christmas joyful with generous donations.




Mentee Jaymaya - I want to thank you for what you did. I like what you did because you made my Christmas bright because I got the best present ever.


Mentee Thomas Jackson - I would like to thank you for donating to Helping Hands Helping Others. I appreciate the wonderful gifts. Some Christmas', children don't get gifts, but you changed that. I didn't think that I was going to get any gifts at all this year, but I did and most of them came from you. You are very generous to give a donation to a program like HHHO. You made a big difference this Christmas. Thank you Thank you Thank you


If you are interested in supporting our annual Holiday Project or becoming a Sponsor for 2015, please use ourcontact link for more information.









Quality Time





Mentee Chelsea Smalls and Mentor LaQuinta Epps are spending some quality time together, bonding, learning, laughing, and living.


LaQuinta shares with Chelsea these positive aspects of life that came from the influence of many strong women who have played a role in molding LaQuinta into the strong positive women she is today. It takes a village to raise a child and through mentorship together we can bring about positive change.









The McCall-Burroughs Family

Dear Ms. Epps of Helping Hands & Helping Others


Thank you for sponsoring our family this year for the holidays. Kaitlyn and Asheville enjoyed their new toys and clothes that the children gave them. Ashley already started wearing her coat and scarf that very day. Kaitlyn also enjoyed her clothes and books that she received. She put on a fashion show for us. I am very thankful for the shoes that I received from you. They were the exact colors I wanted. I have already worn them and they are awesome. The books the children gave me were cute. They weren't on my reading level, so I read them to my sisters at bedtime. The scarf I also received is very fashionable. I am going to wear it with my coat.



The girls and I are truly happy, thankful, and appreciative to receive our gifts from you and the children. We will pay all of your kindness forward in our acts and deeds.


Sincerely, The McCall- Burroughs Family





Clinique Redding

My name is Clinique Redding and I have been at the receiving end of Helping Hands Helping Others for the past few years.



The organization has continuously aided me over the years and made sure I didn’t go without. Recently they paid for a box of my clothes to be shipped to me in New York, where I am attending college. Even though I have surpassed the age to be receiving help they found it in their hearts to do it anyway. I love them for everything they have done and hope that they are able to continue helping people like me. - Mentoring Program Graduate